Individual - Phaseolus vulgaris grown with complete nutrient solution
Cell - Chloroplasts in a pair of guard cells of Rhoeo discolor
Molecule - Xanthophylls, chlorophylls and carotenoids from Spinacia oleracea separated by paper chromatography
Tissue - Epidermis of Rhoeo discolor with original color changed to blue by weak basic solution

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Our youtube channel

Plant Physiology on Youtube


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Creativity and motivation made possible this portal. It wants to meet the demand of Plant Physiology from high school to graduate courses. Here there are available theoretical and practical texts related to biology, agronomy, ecophysiology and biotechnology.

Anyone who expects only a practical guide will be surprised to find a real range of information in a site that includes theoretical introductions contextualising experiments grouped by themes. Numerous photographs and figures make clear the experiments, examples and concepts.

You can perform experiments with few resources. With an unprecedented proposal as support material, its intended audience is teachers and students.

In addition to the experiments which take advantage of objects present in our day to day there are also practical suggestions for the case of sophisticated institutions with better equipped laboratories.

Enjoy without moderation!